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Our mission

INTUG is an international community of organisations, representing business users of telecommunications and ICT services. We exchange knowledge and experiences amongst the participants and use our influence to actively promote business user interests on telecommunications and ICT in an international context.

As a global community, INTUG’s mission encompasses several key objectives aimed at shaping the future of international ICT and Telecommunications. These objectives are:

  1. Contribute to International ICT/Telecommunications Strategy and Policy Development: INTUG plays a crucial role in influencing and shaping the policies and strategies that govern the global ICT and telecommunications landscape. This involvement ensures that the interests and needs of the global community are represented in these important discussions.

  2. Share Knowledge and Experiences on Priority Issues between Participating Organisations: Through [link to Participants page], INTUG facilitates a vibrant platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. This exchange helps participating organisations to stay informed about the latest developments and best practices in the ICT and Telecommunications sector.

  3. Identify Priority User Requirements and Communicate These to Policy Makers and Influencers: INTUG actively identifies the key requirements and concerns of users and communicates these to the relevant policy makers and influencers. This ensures that user perspectives are considered in the creation and modification of policies.

  4. Extend the Scope and Scale and Engagement of Participating Organisations Globally: INTUG is committed to expanding its global reach, involving more organizations in its mission. This expansion not only increases the impact of INTUG but also enriches the community with diverse perspectives and insights.

These pillars of INTUG’s mission drive its efforts to create a more inclusive, efficient, and user-centric global ICT and Telecommunications environment.